A story around the fire

Success usually comes with hard work and determination. That’s certainly true in the case of 800PIZZA, currently considered by many to be the finest Italian pizzeria in town.

Alessandro D’Ubaldo, the driving force behind 800PIZZA, always had a passion for authentic Italian food, made using the traditional methods from his hometown of Rome. With this dream burning inside him, he began his humble pizzeria project in 2006.

On 8 March 2007, the very first branch of 800PIZZA was opened in Dubai, and despite having the most intriguing name in the lengthy history of pizza restaurants, 800PIZZA grew in popularity overnight. Little more than a hole in the wall, it contained the Italian owner’s pride and joy; a genuine handcrafted wood-burning oven flown in all the way from the “The Boot” of Southern Europe.

In 2010, 800PIZZA joined hands with Belhasa Hospitality which resulted in a strong growth of the business. By October 2012, we had expanded from the single little branch in Dubai to operations all across the Emirate.

800PIZZA’s passion and desire to share a taste of real Italian cuisine with people in the Middle East is indeed the key to its success. With new branches constantly opening all across the UAE and abroad, 800PIZZA has proven its excellence in the food industry and has built a brand recognized by many as the leading name in traditional and authentic Italian Pizza.

At our core


From Rome with love

Our aim to is to constantly serve an exceptional Italian pizza that is light, thin and crispy, made with superior ingredients in the traditional Roman way, keeping the art of wood-fired baking alive and burning.

Mission Possible

Delivering value. The two words that put a smile on our faces and spur us on to do our best every time we interact with one of our customers. We strive to be your favorite Italian pizzeria by making sure you always have a friendly face to talk to, by putting the utmost care and attention into your order and by ensuring we deliver hot, mouthwatering food to your door as fast and as accurate as possible. That’s a challenge we’ll gladly take.

The bigger picture

We’ll always strive to promote a bigger change from within by embracing our core values, becoming successful and memorable in the process.